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Who I am and why you should read the words that I type.

It was June 2006. I wanted my computer to function properly but my computer disagreed. I tried everything, troubleshooting from my computer at work, calling tech support, opening up the box and staring at the insides, shouting racial slurs, quietly weeping in a corner… you know, the usual. I wasn’t going to get the old […]

Welcome Rochelle!

One of our frequent commentors who always has useful information to add has agreed to come on board as a contributing member.  Please welcome Rochelle as a new member of the staff of!  Rochelle brings more end game raiding knowledge as well as fresh perspective on many aspects of tanking. Welcome Rochelle!<

Tanking Jan’alai

Next up we have Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk Avatar. This fight is not hard from a tanking standpoint, and is another encounter where the entire raid has to be on their toes to ensure a victory. Getting to Jan’alai is pretty straight forward. Just clear the trash along the way and keep the Scouts from banging […]

Tanking Halazzi

Our next boss for discussion is Halazzi. According to Blizzard, Zul’Aman is tuned for the post Kara raid group. Taking that into consideration, if ever there was an Avoidance fight for the Kara geared tank, this is it. Halazzi can trash your tank in nothing flat. In one encounter, I took about 24k damage in […]