Adventures in Tanking

ooo, and that reminds me of another of my finest moments in tanking. This one was really awesome and I wish someone had gotten a screenshot.

I switch my trinkets around a lot depending on what I am doing. I often use a pretty simple macro – /use 13 /use 14 – that triggers both of my trinkets at the same time. I will click on the trinkets individually if I want to use them individually, but most of the combinations I run with are meant to be used together.

So there we are, about to start the Illidan encounter and I have my trinkets on and I am running my simple double trigger macro. Illidan has an ability called Shear that reduces the MT’s health by 60% for 6 seconds. Since he hits really hard, it can be instant death for the tank to get Shear. The only way to stop shear is by blocking it. Illidan dual wields and it is possible for him to eat up both your shield block charges very quickly and then cast shear before your shield block cooldown is over. It is rare, but it happens. To prevent getting killed when that happens I pop my dodge trinket and cross my fingers and hope he doesn’t hit me and almost every time Shear goes away and I am just fine.

When we were going for our third kill, the first two attempts were a little sloppy but the third attempt was looking good. We had him in phase 5 which is easymode. At about 20% he managed to slip a Shear through. A shear on the MT is a pretty paniced situation since my health drops to 8 or 9k and Illidan hits 6-7k with his main hand and 3-4k with his offhand so I freak out a little bit. I did what I usually do and popped my trinket macro. Now, for some reason, I decided to wear a stamina trinket as my second trinket next to the pocket watch instead of Shadowmoon Insignia like I usually do. I am too poor to afford the darkmoon faire cards so the trinkets I use for stamina are the SSC trash drop and a Goblin Rocket Launcher. The rocket launcher has a little more stamina than the one from SSC so I went with the rocket launcher.

So, 20% on Illidan who was definitely not on farm yet and I get sheared. I freak out a little and punch my trinket macro. I see the animation for the dodge trinket then… Raid leader screams, “What the hell are you doing?” And I die almost immediately and the raid wipes shortly thereafter.

When I hit my trinket macro, it tried to fire the rocket launcher… So there I am, at the Temple Summit, the final boss of the expansion is going down, and I am trying to shoot him with a rocket launcher… I don’t think I will ever live that one down.

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  1. hybuir:

    rofl@rocket launcher! 2 posts in one day, good reads :)

  2. littletank:

    lol half way through prince last night i clicked my macro to equip latros sword and the millenea blade oh did i mention it was in phase 2. ya no one saw it so no harm no foul and i lived through it so all good lol. umm ya i moved that macro away from the trinkets. i shoul have took the time to read this yester day and i proly would not have done it.

  3. Bizzam:

    I think we’ve all done something similar. I have hit weapon swap macros that dropped my sword & board for dual wielding, as well as switching me to berserker… er.. bad move boss =)

  4. Flidort:

    i was tanking BRDa while back where the dwarfs patrol and instead of procing challenging shout to recover from a hunter pull i proc’ed intimidating shout and we’re all thinking fuuuuck i don’t quite remember but i think we aggroed a boss.

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