Tanking Jan’alai

Jan’AlaiNext up we have Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk Avatar. This fight is not hard from a tanking standpoint, and is another encounter where the entire raid has to be on their toes to ensure a victory.

Getting to Jan’alai is pretty straight forward. Just clear the trash along the way and keep the Scouts from banging the drums. Bringing a druid to chain root works like a charm for the Scouts. If they happen to get to the drums, they will summon reinforcements which can quickly overwhelm you so keep them from banging the drums at all costs!

As for Jan’alai himself, the encounter can be frustrating or easy, depending on how situationally aware your raid crew is, and what your raid makeup is.

As for tanking Jan’alai, just keep him in the middle area and have your raid spread out around him. Jan’alai will melee hit for about 1800 and can crush. Have everyone spread out for Flame Breath. Flame Breath is a straight line damage which will target a player and fire in that direction hitting everyone in front of or behind the targeted player. As long as people are properly spread out, the breath should not be much of an issue.

The next thing Jan’alai will do is periodically summon everyone around him in the middle of the area and begin throwing bombs all around. You have to position yourself so that you are not near any of the bombs as they will do significant damage when they detonate.

Tip #1: Pull your camera back and high above you looking down toward the ground to make avoiding the bombs easy.

Tip #2: During the bomb phase, stay in close to Jan’alai, he tosses the bombs beginning close in and then away. It will give you more time to get positioned if you are closer in.

About every 90 seconds, Jan’alai will summon 2 Amani’shi Hatchers who will move towards the egg areas to the sides and begin hatching eggs. If you brought a Prot or Ret paladin with tanking gear with you, this will not be too tough. Have a hunter or other ranged DPS burn down one of the hatchers immediately and have your Paladin pick up the 2nd hatcher and DPS him down to about 20%. Let the hatcher hatch 4 sets of eggs, kill the hatcher, then have your DPS kill off the hatchlings. You want to let the hatchers open as many eggs as you can handle during this part of the fight because once Jan’alai reaches 35%, all of the remaining eggs will hatch and you will be swarmed with dragonhawks.

When the remaining eggs are hatched, again have your Paladin round them up and DPS them down. Once you get these down, it should be smooth sailing, just finish off Jan’alai. One thing you should be aware of however is that at 25%, he will Enrage and will start double attacking. You will need heavy heals beginning at 25% until he is dead. This would also be a good time to pop a [item]Greater Stoneshield Potion[/item], and be ready with Last Stand and Shield Wall.

Tip #3: You can eliminate all of the eggs to avoid having any dragonhawks hatched at 35%. You’ll almost certainly require a prot or ret paly for this strategy though.

Tip #4: Make sure you keep the Flame Buffet dispelled/reduced on your AE tank.

Tip #5: If you don’t bring a prot or ret Paly, you can have your Holy Paly healer put up Righteous Fury to aggro the dragonhawks.

Tip #6: This event can be reset, just run back down the stairs to the south if things go south!

Boy, lots of tips for this one! At any rate, he’s not too terribly difficult with the right raid makeup and an attentive raid group. Down him and hope a very nice shield, [item]Bulwark of the Amani Empire[/item]. Don’t forget your [item]Badge of Justice[/item] x 2!