Tanking Halazzi

HalazziOur next boss for discussion is Halazzi. According to Blizzard, Zul’Aman is tuned for the post Kara raid group. Taking that into consideration, if ever there was an Avoidance fight for the Kara geared tank, this is it. Halazzi can trash your tank in nothing flat. In one encounter, I took about 24k damage in 6 seconds. Look at the following excerpt from that attempt:

06:47’41.140 Halazzi’s Saber Lash hits Bizzam for 7489 (443 blocked)
06:47’41.516 Halazzi’s Melee parried by Bizzam
06:47’42.362 Halazzi’s Melee parried by Bizzam
06:47’42.472 Bizzam gains Shield Block
06:47’42.926 Bizzam’s Devastate parried by Halazzi
06:47’43.317 Halazzi’s Melee hits Bizzam for 2462 (443 blocked)
06:47’44.665 Halazzi’s Melee hits Bizzam for 1108 (443 blocked)
06:47’45.448 Halazzi’s Melee hits Bizzam for 3010
06:47’45.573 Bizzam’s Melee parried by Halazzi
06:47’45.651 Halazzi’s Saber Lash hits Bizzam for 8036
06:47’46.842 Halazzi’s Melee hits Bizzam for 2735 (443 blocked)
06:47’46.857 Halazzi’s Melee misses Bizzam
06:47’47.327 Bizzam dies

I have seen Sabre Lash come as quickly as 4 seconds apart. It CAN be dodged or parried, so avoidance becomes quite big in this fight. If not for the randomness of Sabre Lash, this fight would be quite a breeze. As it is, it is a very random encounter where a roll of the dice can be the deciding factor in a victory or defeat. Your healers will have to keep you topped off at all times to prevent a rapid succession beat down.

Let’s Tank the Lynx!

You will need 2 tanks for Halazzi. The Sabre Lash needs to be divided between your two tanks just like on Nalorakk. Chain chugging [item]Greater Stoneshield Potion[/item] will help with the damage. Again, have your mage put Amply Magic on you to help with heals. Bring a hunter on this encounter as well, for Halazzi will Frenzy which can be removed with the hunter’s Tranquilizing Shot. While your at it, have the hunter also keep up Scorpid Sting for the -5% to hit debuff.

Halazzi basically has 3 phases. He will alternate between Phase 1 and Phase 2 until he reaches 25% health at which point he will enter Phase 3 and remain there until dead.

In Phase 1 Halazzi will Sabre Lash and Frenzy. Sabre Lash must be split by the 2 tanks standing up front and center as it will otherwise hit a single tank for about 18k damage, almost ensuring the death of said tank.

At 75%, and then again at 50%, Halazzi will enter Phase 2. During Phase 2, Halazzi will split into a troll spirit and a lynx spirit. Your offtank will need to pick up the lynx spirit while the main tank holds onto Halazzi. Halazzi will begin dropping Corrupted Lightning Totems which need to be destroyed as soon as they appear. Have your DPS be sure to make a macro like such:

/tar Corr

which they should hit whenever a totem is dropped so that they can quickly target and begin attacking the totems when they drop. The Main tank is in a great position to call these out as Halazzi does have a cast bar for creating them. Halazzi will also perform Flame Shock which should be dispelled from whoever gets the DOT. While not killing off the totems, everyone should be focusing on the Lynx. When you get the Lynx to 20%, the Lynx will rejoin Halazzi and he will re-enter phase 1 again.

Once you get Halazzi down to 25%, he will enter Phase 3 which is basically the same as Phase 1, but with the addition of the Corrupted Lightning Totems. If you get this far, just finish him off and collect your rewards! You will get [item]Badge of Justice[/item] X 2, and some shots at more DPS oriented drops [item]Skullshatter Warboots[/item] and [item]The Savage’s Choker[/item]. I as of yet to get Halazzi down within the timer for extra drops, but maybe soon