Tanking Akil’zon

Akil’zon Akil’zon is the second boss in Zul’Aman if you are killing in the order the timers require. If you are not concerned with the timers, then you are free to do whichever boss suits you!

Akil’zon is pretty straight forward where tanking is concerned. There really are not any tricks other than just keeping him positioned. This fight comes down to the rest of the raid.

The raid needs to be spread out to avoid Static Disruption from chaining to multiple raiders. It is very important to make sure nobody is close enough for this to chain to the tank. This can become particularly problematic for other melee as it can be difficult to remain in range for combat, but far enough away from the tank to prevent chaining. The Static Disruption places a debuff on the person that will increase nature damage by 25%.

Akil’zon will create an electrical storm every 45 – 60 seconds. When this is performe, on member of the raid will be lifted into the air and held there. Everyone else must run underneath that person to avoid taking massive electrical damage. Watch for the purple ‘drain life’ effect Akil’zon will fire at the effected person, then run like the wind to get beneath that player. The storm will last for 8 seconds or so and then you will need to move back to Akil’zon and resume tanking as usual.

After the first Electrical Storm, Akil’zon will summon eagles that fly around and wreak havoc on your casters. I single out casters as they will get hit much harder by the eagles than other more durable characters. The eagles are typically just a nuisance to other armor wearers.

Finish off Akil’zon and you will pick up 2 x [item]Badge of Justice[/item]. There really aren’t any tank specific drops from Akil’zon, but there are a couple of situational items. The [item]Akil’zon’s Talonblade[/item] looks to be a great threat weapon, and you can pick up the [item]Bloodstained Elven Battlevest[/item] for your DPS set.

A note about the gauntlet trash before Akil’zon: The gauntlet can be quite a chore. If you are lucky, you brought a paladin with you. They are great for aggroing up the adds that come while moving up the ramp. As the MT, your job will be the non-cc’able pairs of mobs you will encounter as you move up. Keep aggro on the Amani’shi Wind Walkers and the Amani’shi Protectors. Kill the Wind Walkers first as they can heal. Have your other tank type pick up the Warriors that come from behind, and have your Paladin hold all the eagles while your AE DPS takes them down. Keep moving up the ramp and engage the Amani’shi Tempest to stop the adds from continuing.