Tanking Nalorakk

Zul’Aman has brought us several new 10 man bosses. Each of which brings us new little twists to experience. Some are tough, and some not too bad. Over the next few posts, I’ll discuss how I’ve been approaching each of these bosses. Nalorakk

First up is Nalorakk. He is the Amani Lord of the Bears and is the first boss you will encounter when you enter Zul’Aman.

It is arguable that getting to Nalorakk is harder than actually downing him. The two pulls right before you engage the boss can be rough. The two bear mounted Amani’shi Warbringers hit pretty hard and have a nasty stacking debuff that will cause the tank to take more and more damage. Top it off with a bone crunching Enrage and you are looking at a wipe just waiting to happen for the ill prepared group.

When fighting these two waves just before Nalorakk, you will need to have two capable tanks. When you pull, have the tanks separate the two riders to avoid them stacking the Ferocious Roar debuff on both tanks. Also, these guys cleave, so face them away from the raid and all other melee should attack from behind. Focus fire these down and be prepared for the troll rider to dismount at around 20% health. At that point, CC the bear via fear or trap and finish off the troll. Then take down the bear before going to the next rider. Again, be ready for the Enrage as the tank will take a pounding when the Enrage is up. Look for them to grow bigger and gain a reddish hue.

Once you have cleared the trash, you will be at Nalorakk himself. This fight isn’t all that tough if your tanks have sufficient gear. I do not know where the break point would be, but I have no problems tanking with 15k unbuffed hp and 16.5k armor.

Tip: Have your mage put Amplify Magic on both tanks. This will help with the healing.

Nalorakk has two forms, troll form and bear form. You will need two tanks. Your beefiest tank should plan to tank the bear form as bear form does the most damage. That is not to say that the troll form is a push over. You will need to have a decent tank for troll form as well. Have both tanks stand on top of each other for the fight. The troll form has a Brutal Swipe ability that will do a set amount of damage divided among the number of players hit (up to 2 I believe), so have both tanks up there to split the damage.

Nalorakk has a charge like ability while in troll form. He will target the person farthest from him, so have a hunter stand behind the rest of the raid to take the charges.

When Nalorakk switches to bear form, quickly Taunt him onto your second tank. While in bear form, Nalorakk can also perform Deafening Roar, which as the name suggests, can silence your raid, including your healers. Have your healers keep you topped off during this phase as an ill timed silence could spell the end for your tank. Bear form lasts about 30 seconds and then he will transform back to troll form and your other tank will Taunt him back.

Continue this process until he is defeated! Congrats! Now of course you are interested in the phat lewts, amiright?

Nalorakk will drop a [item]Badge of Justice[/item] and if you are lucky, [item]Jungle Stompers[/item]. And if you defeat Nalorakk within the time limit, you also have a chance at [item]Pauldrons of Stone Resolve[/item].

Tip #2: A note about the timer. You must DEFEAT Nalorakk before the time expires, not just ENGAGE him. If you are fighting Nalorakk when the time expires, your poor sacrificial troll will be set ablaze right before your eyes and you will not have a chance at the timed loot drops


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