Archives for December 2007

Weapon Expertise and Parry Mechanics

With patch 2.3 came Weapon Expertise to add yet another confusing stat to the mix for tanks. Don’t get me wrong, I like a chance at deeper gameplay in any fashion and am very happy with the addition. So let’s first take a look at exactly what Weapon Expertise is. One point of Expertise decreases […]

Things get inattentive DPSers killed

Quick list of pretty basic stuff that DPS never seems to notice but probably should. If you can get your guys to keep an eye out for this stuff, your life will get a lot easier. – Knockback/knockup: If at any point the tank goes flying through the air, you need to slow your dps. […]

Adventures in Tanking

Someone in the forum section asked for help with threat and I started writing this response and then I went into story-telling mode and it just ballooned in size. But I think its is funny enough for me to stick on the front page instead of the forum. Last night in our raid my threat […]

Are you sure you want to shield wall?

I am a skills competition more than a dunk contest kind of guy. I like teams playing small ball more than home run hitters. I like footballs teams with a strong defense or a solid ground game more than long passes and touchdown celebrations. I like long winded sports metaphors more than… uh hippies…* *A […]