Prot specs to get some soloing love

Just a short little quip here about Eyonix’s post on the offiical forums:

Q u o t e:
Any plans to bring Prot Warriors and Prot Paladins up to snuff? Not looking for anything huge, I’d be more than happy with “close to Feral” dps though when we’re not actively tanking.

We do want to make solo/grinding more viable for all non-dsp, support oriented specs, including protection warriors and paladins. We’re looking into ways to improve this for the future, so please just hang in there.

Of course any added ability to solo while prot will be greatly appreciated. I’m curious though just how many Prot spec’d folks actually try soloing much. With the change to Devastate, I concentrated a little on changing my DPS/Solo gear up a bit and found that I’m not half bad at soloing anymore going with a dual wield, DPS gear set and just spamming the heck out of Devastate. Maybe I just never really tried it much pre 2.3, but post 2.3, dual wield prot spec Devastate spam does pretty well


  1. crazyjuicer says:

    resto shaman have the same problem….
    holy paly have the same problem…

    shield slam, revenge, concusion blow , switch stance and execute ! bingo! :-)