Tanking Glove Enchants

I plan to do an ongoing comparison of the various enchants that are available for armor, looking at them from both threat as well as survivability points of view. The first enchants I am going to look at are glove enchants.

The following are the typical glove enchants that a tank would be interested in.

For survival, I lean towards pure stamina in the Knothide Armor Kit, but Superior Agility is nice from an avoidance point of view as well.

1. [item]Heavy Knothide Armor Kit[/item] 10 Stamina Thanks Azhokgra!
2. [item]Formula: Enchant Gloves – Superior Agility[/item] 15 Agility
3. [item]Glove Reinforcements[/item] 240 Armor
4. [item]Vindicator’s Armor Kit[/item] 8 Defense
5. [item]Formula: Enchant Gloves – Greater Agility[/item] 7 Agility

Finally there is the 2% Threat enchant which I favor over the above in most circumstances.

[item]Formula: Enchant Gloves – Threat[/item] +2% Threat

Of course if by some chance you are looking for a pure DPS enchant, you would want to get the +15 Strength enchant, Enchant Gloves – Major Strength.

Addendum Nov 10, 2008 – With the changes from patch 3.0, the +15 STR enchant is an excellent option. We’ll see when we reach level 80 if glove enchant options chang!


  1. Do not forget the even nicer, [Heavy Knothide Armor Kit] – http://www.wowhead.com/?item=34330

  2. Ah yes, silly me =x

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I don’t think 2% threat is a very good enchant for anything except a pure threat set of gloves. On a very threat sensitive fight it is nice and maybe in a 5-man pug where you can’t trust dps to watch themselves and maybe you are having rage issues because you outgear the instance. But for all around tanking, I think this is one of the worst options.

    10 stamina is good. No tank in their right mind would turn down extra hp. There isn’t a situation in tanking where extra hp wouldn’t be helpful. But 10hp isn’t very much which is why I’m not crazy about this enchant and will probably never get it.

    240 armor is good. You can basically repeat everything I said about the 10 stamina enchant. Good but not great. But I would lean more towards the armor enchant simply because it reduces incoming damage. In the short term, neither enchant will save your life i.e. when Archimonde is hitting you for 7.5k and you miraculously survive with 100hp, you are still going to die on the next swing. But over the long term, the damage reduction from extra armor will be more beneficial. Furthermore, as a warrior you can get stamina from many many different items, but armor is much harder to find.

    So for progression bosses, where you are pushing the limit of your gear, I would go for armor followed closely by stamina (unless it was a heavy magic damage fight in which case stamina is better than armor but the magic resistance armor kits might be best). But for all around tanking – farm content, trash, bosses that don’t hit crazy hard – I use 15 agi. It increases your armor and your avoidance so it has nice defensive value and it increases your crit which is nice for threat and it stacks with Kings which is always nice. For your all-around gloves you want a well balanced enchant.

    The only time I would ever use +8 defense is if I was somehow short of 490 defense. Its been a while, but I am pretty sure I was above 490 even when I was just getting started in Karazhan. So I really have no idea where you would ever have a need for this enchant.

  4. All good points, especially with the threat buffs we received with 2.3 (Devastate and Expertise), I may rethink my choice of 2% Threat for my main tanking gloves.

  5. Yeah, the buffs in 2.3 were great. My tps shot through the roof. I think the devastate and expertise was nice, but one thing that helped a ton IMO is the buff hemo rogues got. We had one of the rogues in our raids go hemo to all physical dps hits harder including the tank.

  6. Found your site through Altitis, and it looks like I can read a few back posts here for some nice info.

    Meanwhile, a small “nit-pickiness”: [Heavy Knothide Armor Kit] equals 10 STA, not 12.

  7. Thank you for pointing that out!