Multi-Tanking Primer

Jezika is a guest blogger from EU-Uldaman, here to give  his tips for multi-tanking!

Multi-Tanking Primer

This is my first attempt in writing a “guide”. As I am not fluent in English, this is probably not perfect, but well, let me know what you think about it!

The idea to write about multi-tanking came about from complaints overheard by guildmates when going in “pick up” groups.

For this article we will look at tanking 2+ mobs. Mob A, B, and C, where Mob A is the first to die, then B, C and so on.

Side note: If there are more than 2 mobs, warn your group to hold off on engaging for 3 seconds to allow you to build up aggro on the extra mobs.

Two Mobs
Two mobs are pretty easy. Pull mob B, and hit it with a Shield Slam, then switch to the primary target, Mob A. Sunder, Sunder, Shield Slam, and just continue with your normal threat rotation. Be sure to keep up Thunder Clap to be sure to keep mob B on you, as well as a Demoralizing Shout, and should be set. Add an additional Sunder or two on mob B at some point if the fight is taking longer than expected, or the healer has to drop a lot of heals on you.

Three Mobs
Three mobs begin introducing a bit more complexity and challenge. You also need to be sure you have the gear to handle tanking 3 mobs. On heroics this can be especially rough and a well geared healer can make all the difference.

An important part in taking down 3+ mobs is kill order. You should target special mobs first if you cannot CC them. Else, focus on casters first, as they typically have fewer hp and lower armor, and hence go down faster. Always keep “common mobs”, or mobs with most HP for the end of the fight.

So on to the tanking! Tag Mob C on the initial pull to give you that extra aggro. If there is a mob to be CC’d, then have your CC let you get off a Thunder Clap in the group before the CC. At this point, you should have 3 targets on you. This should give you plenty of rage to do the following: Shield Slam Mob C, switch to Mob B and Concussion Blow, then switch to Mob A, and do regular your Threat cycle. Don’t forget a Demoralizing Shout, as this will add threat on the whole pack of mobs.

During your cycle on Mob A, continue to keep up Thunder Clap, just be sure you are out of range of any CC’d mobs. Switch to Mob B and C for a sunder armor every now and then. Alternate hitting B and C between your normal rotation on A so as not to lose aggro on Mob A from DPS or healers. For example, four seconds before Shield Slam is up, Sunder Mob B, then go back to Mob A for a Shield Slam, then hit Mob C with a Sunder.

Here are some additional tricks. If you face mobs with weapons, you can add a Disarm on Mob B or C. If you are well ahead of your DPS or Healer on threat, you can toss a Shield Slam on mob B to ensure he’ll stay focused on you. If in a non-heroic and you have a plate DPSer in your group, or a well geared enhancement shaman, you can let them focus Mob A from start (instead of waiting for 3 seconds) as he should survive until you are done with Mobs B and C. Once you switch to A, one Taunt will pop Mob A onto you and start you with significant aggro. Another tip is that if you have plenty of rage, you can use Cleave as well to help generate even more aggro on your primary mob as well as one other.

Be sure to keep Thunder Clap and Demoralizing Shout up at all times. Apply Disarm and Concussion Blow liberally to the secondary targets to reduce their damage, as well as maintain aggro. When Mob A dies, switch to Mob B, and Concussion Blow it if it is available. While it is stunned, switch to Mob C and Shield Slam to keep aggro, at which point switch back to Mob B, and do your job! If Concussion Blow is not up, switch to Mob C first and drop a Shield Slam on it before switching to Mob B.

You can use this same plan of attack for 4 mobs, etc. One thing with 4 mobs is that there will usually be some sort of caster in the group. You can actually have one of your melee DPS to offtank the caster and have the group focus fire it down quickly while you build aggro on the other mobs. Of course, if there are no casters, you should just plan on taking them all on!

While this may not be perfect, this works well for me and I hope maybe it has enlightened you a bit as well!

Jezika, EU-Uldaman