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Prot specs to get some soloing love

Just a short little quip here about Eyonix’s post on the offiical forums: Q u o t e: Any plans to bring Prot Warriors and Prot Paladins up to snuff? Not looking for anything huge, I’d be more than happy with “close to Feral” dps though when we’re not actively tanking. We do want to […]

Tanking Glove Enchants

I plan to do an ongoing comparison of the various enchants that are available for armor, looking at them from both threat as well as survivability points of view. The first enchants I am going to look at are glove enchants. The following are the typical glove enchants that a tank would be interested in. […]

Alterac Valley in 2.3

AV was one of my favorite battlegrounds to play as a protection warrior. It had a lot of PVE focused content which allowed us to shine where we shine best. However, most of that has changed. AV can still be fun, but don’t expect to be leading the charge to your opponents general in the […]

Multi-Tanking Primer

Jezika is a guest blogger from EU-Uldaman, here to give  his tips for multi-tanking! Multi-Tanking Primer This is my first attempt in writing a “guide”. As I am not fluent in English, this is probably not perfect, but well, let me know what you think about it! The idea to write about multi-tanking came about […]