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WoW Forums -> Are you an excellent raider?

An excellent raider is the raider who is waiting at the instance before the raid is even close to starting. He comes to the raid with the full array of consumable goods that are not necessarily required by the raid leader, but greatly or even slightly enhance his potential raid performance. She arrives ready to […]

Pulling with authority – The Decaptitator

So on a recent Prince Malchezaar kill, I picked up a [item]The Decapitator[/item]. It’s a fun weapon, but I have found it to be situationally useful as well. The Decapitator Binds when picked up Main Hand Axe 167 – 312 Damage Speed 2.60 (92.1 damage per second) Durability 105 / 105 Requires Level 70 Equip: […]