Some 2.3 Devastate Tests on PTR

Satrina has done quite a bit of work in testing out the new Devastate changes on PTR. With the latest changes to the way things work, the 2.3 Devastate is looking pretty nice!

1) The innate threat for Devastate has been increased per Sunder that is on the mob: 119/134/148/162/176 (These numbers should be pretty close – the mage was using unarmed hits for 1-4 at the end to draw aggro. Still could bear some independent testing for verification).

2) While Devastate is applying Sunders (i.e. the first 5 Devastates that land), you gain the 301 threat for the Sunder in addition to the Devastate innate threat. Note that the Sunder is a separate effect; its threat is not part of the Devastate innate threat.

3) Once 5 Sunders are stacked, Devastate will refresh the Sunder stack but does not apply a new Sunder, and as such does not gain the threat for a Sunder. Devastate threat at 5 Sunders is 176 + (1/2 damage + 175) [the damage portion is subject to mitigation]

4) You get the Sunder threat as normal in Battle and Berserk stance if you apply one of the first five Sunders. Once 5 Sunders are on, you will only get 176 + (1/2 damage + 175) [the damage portion is subject to mitigation], multiplied by stance modifier/Salvation/etc.

5) Expose Armour still blocks the Sunder component of Devastate. If there are no Sunders on the mob, and Sunder will be blocked from landing on the mob, the innate threat of Devastate is 109.

6) We also see that there is no difference in innate threat when we apply 4 Sunders and then Devastate and applying 5 Sunders and then Devastate. That tells us that the Sunder for the Devastate being performed counts towards the innate threat. So, we get:
Revised 28 October
– 109 innate for Devastate with no Sunders, and no Sunder landing (per EA test, above)
– 119 innate for Devastate adding the first Sunder
– 134 innate for Devastate adding the second Sunder
– 148 innate for Devastate adding the third Sunder
– 162 innate for Devastate adding the fourth Sunder
– 176 innate for Devastate adding the fifth sunder, and Devastate with five Sunders already in place

It looks like we are in for a nice treat when 2.3 goes live!

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