Dropping Void Reaver

Void Reaver Down!So we went in for our 4th attempts on Void Reaver last night, and low and behold we dropped him on our first shot. We have gotten close on him several times, but our biggest problem seemed to be just not enough DPS as we would not get him down quick enough before the 10 minute Enrage timer.

The one thing we did differently this time around was head in with two Resto Shaman whose sole responsibility was to chain heal the melee. Other than that we had 2 Holy Paladins, and a Holy Priest to keep up the tanks, with an additional Holy Priest and Resto Druid healing up anyone who sucked at dodge ball.

We had myself, a Feral Druid, another Prot Warrior, and a Prot Paladin for tanks, with all of us fighting for aggro at all times. The fight went really well, and we dropped Void Reaver in short order.

Some suggestions on VR, when you are knocked back and lose aggro, swap in a slower, harder hitting weapon to use to spam Devastate. I used my [item]The Decapitator[/item]. When I would regain aggro, I would swap back to [item]King’s Defender[/item]. In addition, having a Shaman in your group for Windfury and a Feral Druid for Improved Leader of the Pack can be a boon for this fight.

Make sure you or another warrior is keeping up Thunder Clap, Demoralizing Shout, and Commanding Shout at all times. Hopefully you have another warrior in your group that can Battle Shout as well.

So anyway, after downing Void Reaver, low and behold he drops the Warrior Tier5 Shoulder token, and guess who has a shiny new set of [item]Destroyer Shoulderguards[/item] =