Plate options in Zul’Aman, early bosses

So with 2.3, we’ll have a new fancy 10 man raid to check out and farm for new gear. Here are some of the new options for Warrior Tanks and how they stack up to similar items.

Nalorakk, the bear avatar, drops [item]Jungle Stompers[/item], which are markedly better than [item]Battlescar Boots[/item] from Chess Event in Karazhan, and slightly below [item]Boots of the Resilient[/item] from Tempest Keep and [item]Red Havoc Boots[/item], which are crafted.

Akil'ZonAkil’Zon, the Amani Lord of Eagles, drops [item]Pauldrons of Stone Resolve[/item], which again are much better than the Karazhan drop [item]Mantle of Abrahmis[/item], slightly better than Tier4 from High King Maulgar [item]Warbringer Shoulderguards[/item], but probably not as good as Tier5 [item]Destroyer Shoulderguards[/item].

Jan’Alai, Lord of the Dragonhawks drops a new shield option in [item]Bulwark of the Amani Empire[/item], which is better than Gruul’s [item]Aldori Legacy Defender[/item], although you will lose the Hit Rating that I’m a big fan of. [item]Merciless Gladiator’s Shield Wall[/item] is still a great shield option.

Halazzi, the Lynx Lord, is a cheap skate when it comes to pure Warrior Tanks and drops nothing that should interest us. He does however have some nice Plate DPS, [item]Skullshatter Warboots[/item], that your fury brothers will be happy to see.

We’ll go over some very nice drops from the two main bosses tomorrow


  1. Would you think that this would be a logical progression from kara or be run concurrently by a kara progressing guild?

  2. Blue posts back when ZA was being developed said that the tuning was such that the first bosses would be as hard as Prince/Nightbane. Reports from the PTR indicate that it might be a little bit harder than that, but for tier 5 level loot, it should be tier 5 difficult.