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An excellent raider is the raider who is waiting at the instance before the raid is even close to starting. He comes to the raid with the full array of consumable goods that are not necessarily required by the raid leader, but greatly or even slightly enhance his potential raid performance. She arrives ready to wipe repeatedly with grace, and does her best to ensure that she is ready to pull again as quickly as possible. Often she is the one standing around, ready to be buffed and chomping at the bit for the next pull while the rest of the team continues to recover. He does not complain about repair bills, but simply accepts them as a continued tax on the excellent gear he is already wearing. He does not give a damn that pvpers who work far less have equal or better gear. Those people will never experience the glory of driving their blade through the chest of Illidan, nor will they ever know the feeling of gazing upon Arthas and knowing that one day he will fall.

An excellent raider rarely needs to be told what to do. She studies the encounters before reaching them, and if on the bleeding edge of content yet unspoiled, plays with a heightened sense of awareness, observing the changing conditions of an encounter and not only reacting to them, but taking note of them for later research. He does not stand in a stationary spell that will kill his character, nor does he get caught in slowly moving blizzards. He does not have problems spreading out or moving away from his fellow raiders. If they move towards him, he compensates by moving away. She is at the top of the DPS, or the healing. She is a Mage that will kite an uncontrolled mob even if not assigned to do it. He asks questions to class leaders if anything is uncertain, and does not hesitate to give friendly advice to others.

An excellent raider does not complain about a proposed strategy. They do not lower the morale of others by ever saying that something is too hard, or by claiming that an idea is stupid. If they are concerned with a given strategy, they allow the night to finish and then address their concerns to their class or raid leader, and come prepared to offer a viable solution that is superior to the one currently in use. She takes responsibility for the death of a tank. She apologizes for not seeing the cloud of gas she was standing in, rather than blaming lag.(even if it was lag that was primarily responsible) He always tries to find ways to do better, even if he is already the best in his raid force. He almost obsessively combs through the wastelands that are the forums for any hints of new information that could improve his game. She does not complain about the shortcomings or balance of her chosen class, but chooses instead to maximize her potential, often outperforming those considered to be superior.

If you are an excellent raider, the leadership of your guild loves you. You bring a sense of stability and dependability to the raid that is more valuable than you can possibly imagine. You raise the morale of a force simply by being there. You truly care about the success of your team and it shows in your dedication.

Are you an excellent raider? If you aren’t, don’t you think you could be?

I found this to be a great essay on what makes up an Excellent Raider. This was posted by Balara of Cenarious on the official Raid and Dungeons forum.
WoW Forums -> Are you an excellent raider?


  1. Awesome post. It’s like Chicken Soup for the Raiding Soul

  2. Now there’s an interesting book idea =)

  3. The constant pronoun switching made me want to gouge his/her/their eyes out.