Archives for October 2007

Vengeful Gladiator’s Shield Wall

The season 3 shield wall has been added to PTR.  It’s pretty nice, but will fall into the category of items requiring an 1850 Personal Arena Rating.  Good luck to any Prot warr not willing to respec out to PVP to get a chance to snag this puppy =) <

Some 2.3 Devastate Tests on PTR

Satrina has done quite a bit of work in testing out the new Devastate changes on PTR. With the latest changes to the way things work, the 2.3 Devastate is looking pretty nice! Summary 1) The innate threat for Devastate has been increased per Sunder that is on the mob: 119/134/148/162/176 (These numbers should be […]

Dropping Void Reaver

So we went in for our 4th attempts on Void Reaver last night, and low and behold we dropped him on our first shot. We have gotten close on him several times, but our biggest problem seemed to be just not enough DPS as we would not get him down quick enough before the 10 […]

Egotistical Priest : EgoTank – Lern2Tank

The Egotistical Priest had a nice guest blogger the other day, a tank from his guild. He makes an excellent post on tanking and has some good info and links inside. The post borders on a rant, but it is a fun read which rings true through and through. Tanking, first of all, is knowledge. […]