Enchant Gloves : Threat

The Enchant Gloves : Threat enchant has been around since AQ40. At this point in the game though, it can be hard to find an enchanter who has this formula.

Well, with path 2.2 going live today, that all changes. We now have the same enchant available on the Sha’tar Quartermaster. According to reports from PTR, the enchant requires exalted with Sha’tar, will cost 10 gold and will require the following materials:

8 x Primal Life
2 x Greater Planar Essence
4 x Small Prismatic Shard

On my server, you would expect to pay somewhere around 50 gold for all the mats for this enchant.

Formula: Enchant Gloves – Threat
Binds when picked up
Requires Enchanting (300)
Requires The Sha’tar – Exalted

Use: Teaches you how to permanently enchant gloves to increase the threat that the wearer generates against monsters.

This enchant will increase all of your threat output by 2%, thus enabling your DPSers to push that much harder.  For me, this took the place of a +8 STA enchant, thus costing me 80 hp for 2% more threat overall.


  1. For dodge hungry this patch also adds Enchant Cloak – Dodge for 12 dodge rating from the Lower City Quartermaster at Exalted. The mats are 8 primal earth, 3 small prismatic shard and 3 greater planar essence.

  2. And if you are REALLY dodge hungry, they also added the +20 AGI to 1h weapon too!

  3. Enchants like this really add flavor to your gear. There are a few different styles for tanking and there is loot that fits the different styles. I have 3 different pairs of tanking gloves that I can use in any given situation. The key is knowing what the gloves are good at and optimizing that aspect. It is min/maxing at its finest. I have the gloves from Maiden gemmed with hit and agi and enchanted with 2% threat, I have the T4 gloves enchanted with dodge and I have the Kazzak gloves enchanted with stamina. And it is obviously more than just gloves that this applies to. The problem is that most tanks don’t differentiate and they end up with muddled gear choices that are decent for everything but not really good at anything. I have three completely different armor sets for tanking in different situations and while some of the items overlap, many of them are only used for a particular set. When I am wearing my avoidance gear, I have roughly 51% avoidance from dodge and parry, about 14.5k unbuffed hp and about 450 block value – I used that gear when mana efficiency is important. In my stamina gear I only have around 40% avoidance, and I don’t remember exactly what my unbuffed hp was but with full raid buffs I was at 21.6k – I use that set for heavy magic damage fights or high burst damage. Then my block value set only has 35% or so avoidance and only around 13k hp, but it has almost 1000 block value. When threat is crucial, I put on my block value gear and go to town – you have never seen snap aggro until you start throwing out 2.5k shield slam crits.

    My point is, don’t be so quick to change your enchants. Make sure you are enchanting your gears to maximize their strengths. My guild is a little more progressed than yours so I have more options to min/max, but the options exist at all levels if you are looking for them. You should always have an efficiency set, a threat set and a stamina set. If some gears overlap, you should still gem them as if they didn’t – gem them like they are only used for stam, or dodge, or threat or whatever your preferred style is. Muddled gear choices is a sign of a careless tank IMO.

  4. Yup, all too true. I have a few pieces of gear I can swap out now, and as time passes I am able to expand my options more and more (while my bag space continues to decrease).

    Having the option to be able to have various sets of gear is a nice luxury indeed!