+Hit for Prot Warriors, added Threat and DPS

So last night before we went in to finish clearing Karazhan (Illhoof – Nightbane), I decided I wanted to try out a little more +hit to see what kind of noticeable difference it would have in my threat generation and DPS. I swapped out my normal [item]Solid Star of Elune[/item] on my [item]Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer[/item] for a [item]Rigid Dawnstone[/item]. By putting in the yellow gem, I get the +3 STA socket bonus so it cost me 90 hp for +8 hit raiting.

Rigid Dawnstone
+8 Hit Rating
Matches a Yellow Socket.”

At the end of the night I ran my WWS parser and compared my logs. I saw a 1% decrease in my normal melee miss rate, which was nice and expected. What I wasn’t really expecting was a significant reduction in my miss rate on my specials. Heroic Strike, Shield Slam and Revenge all had their miss rate dropped by about 4%! This was huge! In addition, I had a noticeable increase in my overall DPS, which directly translates into added rage, and added threat!

I knew that adding hit rating would help, but even I have been underestimating the value! From what I saw last night, I will looking for more gems that I can swap out for added +hit that will hopefully not lower my health by too much. I have some def/sta gems that I can likely swap and might even manage to grab some socket bonuses from re-gemming existing gear. I am going to shoot for around +5% hit which will require around 80 hit rating. The gains from adding the +hit is that it will generate more threat which will allow your DPSers to open up even more and get those boss mobs down quicker


  1. Interesting stuff. My buddy decided it’d be a good idea to push my Hit rating up into the 120 range or something… I dont know, I just do as I’m told. Anyway… We started out with something around 30 from a few new gems and he saw my DPS shoot up a percentage (20% maybe) that didnt seem mathmatically justified by the change in that one stat, and he reported having a tougher time turning mobs (typical rogue…). So… we’ve kindof observed the same thing.