Badge of Justice – What to spend them on

So you’ve been running heroics for a while now, maybe Heroic Mechanar for your [item]The Sun Eater[/item], and in the meantime, you’ve been collecting those [item]Badge of Justice[/item]. So what do you spend them on? As a warrior tank, you have a few options:

  • [item]Azure-Shield of Coldarra[/item] (33 Badges) – A nice shield to take you to Nightbane for [item]Shield of Impenetrable Darkness[/item], or even Gruul for [item]Aldori Legacy Defender[/item]. Of course if you hit exalted with The Sha’tar, you also have [item]Crest of the Sha’tar[/item] as another option that you can buy outright.
  • [item]Faceguard of Determination[/item] (50 Badges) – If you tire of waiting for an [item]Eternium Greathelm[/item] from the Opera event
  • [item]Farstrider Defender’s Cloak[/item] (25 Badges) – It is debatable if this is better than [item]Devilshark Cape[/item]
  • [item]Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 600[/item] (41 Badges) – A truly unique item, awesome for generating aggro when you can pop it and do insane hits with Shield Slam
  • [item]Ring of Unyielding Force[/item] (25 Badges) – A pretty good ring if you don’t want to wait for [item]Shermanar Great-Ring[/item] from Shade of Aran
  • [item]Necklace of the Juggernaut[/item] (25 Badges) – Not bad, but [item]Barbed Choker of Discipline[/item] from Maiden is better
  • My Suggestion

    My suggestion is to get the [item]Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 600[/item] first. This is an amazing trinket for both threat as well as mitigation with the added shield block. When you need more avoidance, swap in [item]Moroes’ Lucky Pocket Watch[/item] (from Moroes) on boss mobs.

    Of course there is also the Epic Fire Resist gear that can be bought here, but you won’t need this level of Fire Resist gear until well into end raid content. There is also a good amount of DPS style gear available for Badges if you want to flesh out your DPS set


    1. Nice list, but I wont be getting badges for some time now xD Sure it will be useful later on when I start running heroics :D