Shield of Impenetrable Darkness

Last night we completed this week’s Kara run for my group. It took us just under 6 hours total and we one-shotted everything front to back except Prince and a silly wipe on Netherspite (healers stay out of the black holes!). On our Nightbane kill I was fortunate enough to pick up [item]Shield of Impenetrable Darkness[/item]. This upgraded my [item]Crest of the Sha’tar[/item]. I slapped [item]Formula: Enchant Shield – Major Stamina[/item] onto it for good measure.

I am pretty happy with my current gear. I have my eyes on [item]Shermanar Great-Ring[/item] and [item]Gilded Thorium Cloak[/item], not to mention eventually getting the Tier 4 items at some point.

We’ll be making our first attempts on High King and Gruul within the next week or two. I feel we are ready, but unfortunately we don’t quite have the roster to hit up 25 mans yet. Considering we’ve only really started hitting Kara around the first of June, I’d say we’ve come a long way.