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Patch 2.3 Warrior Updates

Since Patch 2.2 went live on Tuesday there has been a flurry of information flying around about upcoming class changes in 2.3. Warriors (and tanking) are no exception! Here is a run down of the changes that are said to be coming for Warriors: Yes, we do plan to reduce the chance for Mace Specialization […]

Enchant Gloves : Threat

The Enchant Gloves : Threat enchant has been around since AQ40. At this point in the game though, it can be hard to find an enchanter who has this formula. Well, with path 2.2 going live today, that all changes. We now have the same enchant available on the Sha’tar Quartermaster. According to reports from […]

High King Maulgar

It should be no surprise to anyone reading this blog that my guild is not an end game progression guild. I haven’t seen Illidan or Archimonde other than in Warcraft3, heh. Our guild isn’t very big, and attempts to stay casual by nature. And by casual, I mean in playtime and raiding schedule only. When […]

Berserker Rage Macro

dawarria posted a request on the forums for useful warrior tank macros. Here is one that is very useful for many encounters in the game: #showtooltip /cast [nostance:3]Berserker Stance;Berserker Rage /cast [nostance:2]Defensive Stance This macro will do the following: If you are not in Berserker Stance, it will switch you to Berserker Stance. When hit […]