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More Damage for Protection Warriors?

At Blizzcon, during the Class Discussion Panel, the following was divulged: Q: Will damage during threat generation be improved for Protection Warriors? A: It is more fun to do more damage as a Protection Warrior while generating threat and that is being looked at. I would love to see more damage as a Prot warrior, […]

The Sun Eater!

A bit of a personal post here. After 7 runs through Heroic Mechanar, I finally bagged my [item]The Sun Eater[/item]! In addition, this run also dinged me to exalted with The Sha’tar so I was also able to upgrade my shield to [item]Crest of the Sha’tar[/item] which I socketed with 2 x [item]Solid Star of […]

Consumables and tanking

As a tank, we often have to be willing to use every little thing to help us progress. With the exception of bosses that are on ‘farm’ status, tanks should be willing to use any consumable available to ensure the success of a raid. Here are some typically used raid consumables: Flask – [item]Flask of […]

Thunderfury is still Good beyond 70 –

Thunderfury is still Good beyond 70 – Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a [item]Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker[/item] also face a dilemma. When do we put away our Thuderfury for a new weapon? I must admit, I am still battling with this question myself. I have not been lucky […]