Threat and you

When generating threat, it is good to know what skills and abilities generate the most thread. The currently accepted level 70 threat values are as follows:

Sunder Armor 301
Heroic Strike 220
Revenge 201
Shield Bash 230
Shield Slam 307
Devastate 101
Thunder Clap +75%dmg
Cleave 130 (split)
Disarm 104
Mocking Blow 290
Demoralizing Shout 56 (split)
Battleshout 69 (split)
Commanding Shout 68 (split)
Hamstring 181

Notice that it only makes sense to use Devastate when your Devastates hit for at least 200 points of damage, otherwise it is better to just use Sunder Armor from a Threat point of view!

EDIT: As Nokozon pointed out in an email to me, a little more info on Devastate damage.

… that with five sunders the damage from devastate is increased by 165 damge without the 50% weapon damage this is because devastate gains a extra 35 damage from every sunder that is applied to the target …

Thanks for the clarification, Nokozon!

You can read more about threat and sustained threat here