Executioner enchant vs. Mongoose enchant

Executioner vs. Mongoose: a preliminary view from the tanks’ perspective – TankSpot – Warcraft Warrior Reference

Armstrong has posted up a speculative article comparing Executioner enchant to Mongoose enchant. As it stands, typically Mongoose is the defacto tanking enchant. That may all change with the addition of the Executioner enchant.

Formula: Enchant Weapon – Executioner
Binds when picked up
Requires Enchanting (375)
Use: Learn how to permanently enchant a Melee Weapon to occasionally ignore 840 of your enemy’s armor. Requires a level 35 or higher item.

Assuming a similar proc rate as Mongoose, Executioner will out threat Mongoose on all but the most heavily armored bosses. We’ll see how it pans out when patch 2.3 comes out!

EDIT: I had incorrectly put that this enchant would come out in patch 2.2, but it is to come out in patch 2.