The Sun Eater!

A bit of a personal post here. After 7 runs through Heroic Mechanar, I finally bagged my [item]The Sun Eater[/item]! In addition, this run also dinged me to exalted with The Sha’tar so I was also able to upgrade my shield to [item]Crest of the Sha’tar[/item] which I socketed with 2 x [item]Solid Star of Elune[/item].

I will now be running some tests to check the threat generation versus [item]Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker[/item]. There is no doubt that The Sun Eater is by far a better defensive weapon, but I’m not convinced as of yet if The Sun Eater can out threat Windfury.

I haven’t decided what enchant to put on The Sun Eater either. [item]Void Crystal[/item]s are not terribly expensive on Destromath so I may go ahead with [item]Formula: Enchant Weapon – Mongoose[/item].

I think it is also worth noting that with Thunderfury, it was not a good idea to use Devastate.  Devastates with Windfury just do not do enough damage (Devastate needs to hit for 200 damage to generate the same amount of threat as Sunder).  However, I noticed that Devastates with Sun Eater are definitely worth it and I have respec’d to include Devastate in my repertoire.<