Thunderfury is still Good beyond 70 –

Thunderfury is still Good beyond 70 –

Those of us who are fortunate enough to have a [item]Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker[/item] also face a dilemma. When do we put away our Thuderfury for a new weapon?

I must admit, I am still battling with this question myself. I have not been lucky enough to get a [item]King’s Defender[/item] yet. But I have been actively running Heroic Mechanar for a while now in hopes for a [item]The Sun Eater[/item].

I have not really had any issues maintaining aggro using my Thunderfury but I wonder if I could actually generate more threat using a higher damage weapon. I should probably do the quest which grants [item]Grom’tor’s Charge[/item], but I have been sitting on the final step a while and have not been very motivated since I have been really working on getting The Sun Eater.

I expect I will eventually get a Sun Eater, and then a King’s Defender as well, and at that time I will pay closer attention to my TPS and which weapon performs better.

Until then, I will continue to put up with the ‘ZOMG, A THUNDERFURY!’ , as well as the ‘Bizzam, level 60 called and they want their Thunderfury back’ comments until such time that I fondly hang my Thunderfury on the mantle


  1. Well I just found your blog from a link from The Positive Warrior and am enjoying it. Here is all I have to say about people dissing your Thunderfury, just ask them so what legendary weapons have you ever had, and when they are silent just go BURN ZOMGBBQPWN. Keep up the blogging its awesome.

  2. Hehe, ya. The more I play, the more firmly I believe TF is still a superior threat weapon for what I have had access to thus far (still no [item]King’s Defender[/item] for me).

    Thanks for the comments!