Consumables and tanking

As a tank, we often have to be willing to use every little thing to help us progress. With the exception of bosses that are on ‘farm’ status, tanks should be willing to use any consumable available to ensure the success of a raid.

Here are some typically used raid consumables:

Flask – [item]Flask of Fortification[/item]


Battle Elixir – [item]Elixir of Mastery[/item], [item]Elixir of the Mongoose[/item], [item]Elixir of Major Agility[/item]

Guardian Elixir – [item]Elixir of Major Fortitude[/item]

Food – [item]Fisherman’s Feast[/item], [item]Spicy Crawdad[/item], [item]Talbuk Steak[/item], or [item]Clam Bar[/item]

Weapon Buff – [item]Adamantite Sharpening Stone[/item] or [item]Adamantite Weightstone[/item] and [item]Greater Rune of Shielding[/item] or [item]Lesser Rune of Shielding[/item]

Potions – [item]Super Healing Potion[/item], Major Resist Protection Potions, [item]Ironshield Potion[/item], [item]Heroic Potion[/item], or [item]Rage Potion[/item]

Unfortunately, consumables can end up costing quite a bit. Combined with repair bills tanks often have to continually farm gold in order to afford to raid. Having a helpful and understanding guild can be excellent help