WoW Tanking Food Buffs

In the last post, I showed you an fairly straightforward way to level your cooking skill up to 325. Why 325? Because that’s where you start getting the good stat foods that can offer great tanking food buffs.

As a tank, you have a few choices depending on what stats you wish to target. We can target Strength, Agility or Stamina.

  • [item]Talbuk Steak[/item] +20 Stamina for 30 minutes
    You can kill Talbuk by the dozens in Nagrand for [item]Talbuk Venison[/item]
  • [item]Warp Burger[/item] +20 Agility for 30 minutes
    Kill the Warp Hunters and Stalkers in Terrokar forest for the easiest way to farm [item]Warped Flesh[/item]
  • [item]Roasted Clefthoof[/item] +20 Strength for 30 minutes
    Nagrand is again the best place to farm these. Clefthoof abound in Nagrand for [item]Clefthoof Meat[/item]
  • As a an alternative, there is also the following, although I recommend the above for ease of gathering.

  • [item]Mok’Nathal Shortribs[/item] +20 Stamina for 30 minutes
    Kill raptors in Blade’s Edge Mountains for [item]Raptor Ribs[/item]
  • If you are a fisher, or have access to these fish, you can actually get these +30 Stamina foods:

    • [item]Spicy Crawdad[/item] – Fish [item]Furious Crawdad[/item] from Terrokar Forest
    • [item]Fisherman’s Feast[/item] – Fish [item]Huge Spotted Feltail[/item] from Nagrand

    Also, as mentioned in the last post, if you get to Honored with the Sha’tari Skyguard, you can buy [item]Skyguard Rations[/item] for 40s for 5 which grant +15 Stamina for 15 minutes.

    Be sure to check out our wow cooking guide for a great way to level up your cooking skill