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Tanking Heroics

So you’ve just hit revered with Lower City, bought your [item]Auchenai Key[/item] and are ready to head into heroics? Tanking heroic dungeons can be a challenging and fulfilling experience. Or it can leave you in a quivering pile of flesh and bone… Agreeing to tank a heroic is not something you should do lightly if […]

Crafting Bulwark of Kings

One of the best tanking breastplates in the game that is not too terribly difficult to obtain is the [item]Bulwark of Kings[/item]. In order to get it, you first have to craft the [item]Breastplate of Kings[/item]. In order to do that, you need to farm or buy a lot of materials, primarily lots of Primals. […]

Threat and you

When generating threat, it is good to know what skills and abilities generate the most thread. The currently accepted level 70 threat values are as follows: Sunder Armor 301 Heroic Strike 220 Revenge 201 Shield Bash 230 Shield Slam 307 Devastate 101 Thunder Clap +75%dmg Cleave 130 (split) Disarm 104 Mocking Blow 290 Demoralizing Shout […]

Executioner enchant vs. Mongoose enchant

Executioner vs. Mongoose: a preliminary view from the tanks’ perspective – TankSpot – Warcraft Warrior Reference Armstrong has posted up a speculative article comparing Executioner enchant to Mongoose enchant. As it stands, typically Mongoose is the defacto tanking enchant. That may all change with the addition of the Executioner enchant. Formula: Enchant Weapon – Executioner […]