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The Combat Table part 2 – Hit Rating

Yesterday we discussed how the Combat Table is important from a ‘getting hit’ point of view. Today, we’re going to dish out some damage ourselves, so let’s see how the Combat Table relates to when we are the ones doing the attacking! I refer you to our first post on the Combat Table for reference […]

The Combat Table

A few days ago we discussed the importance of using Shield Block and mentioned the Combat Table. Today we are going to go over the Combat Table, what it is, and why it is important to understand how it works. Basically the Combat Table determines when an attack will hit or miss and what kind […]

Please don’t do that!

Matthew over at does a great job of getting warrior information out to the unwashed masses in his blog, The Care and Feeding of Warriors. In his latest post, he discusses the Don’ts of grouping with a warrior.  They are all great points.  Probably my biggest pet peeve are the rogues who cheap shot […]

The Importance of Shield Block

Recently it came to my attention that one of our warrior tanks was never using Shield Block while tanking. And I mean never! When I asked him why wasn’t he using Shield Block, he said because he was already uncrittable without using it. I then asked him about Crushing Blows to which he claimed he […]