Equivalent Threat Points

Continuing with his Build a Better Threat week, Veneretio has posted on TankingTips.com about a proposed Threat Forumla evaluation based on Equivalent Threat Points (ETP). Basically this is a method of normalizing everything based on stats that increase the items value as a threat producing item.

It is loosely based on Gingamok’s Rule of Thumb:

0.6-0.7% hit = 1% crit = 29 block value = 49 AP

Which Veneretio derives the following values:

  • 1 Hit Rating = 10 ETP
  • 1 Crit Rating = 4.76 ETP
  • 1 Agility = 3.45 ETP
  • 1 Block Value = 3.57 ETP
  • 1 Strength = 4.17 ETP
  • 1 Attack Power = 2.08 ETP

I think this is an interesting concept so I took these values and hopped over to one of my favorite loot evaluation sites, Lootzor.com.

It is interesting to see the results filtered for Low Raid zones and below. Remember, that this does not value any defensive stats other than agility. Armor, doge, nor stamina get any rating here.

Of these drops, I’d pay good money to see the MT battling it out with the melee DPS’ers over most of these items.

I’m sure the melee DPSers in your guild will gladly pass the [item]Drape of the Dark Reavers[/item] to you!<