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The Chef in you, Horde WoW Cooking Guide

So you’re level 70 and you never dropped a point in cooking. And now you see all these spiffy stat foods floating around, but you always have to buy them from the Auction House or ask a friend to make it for you. Sick of being a slacker? Here’s how to power your cooking to […]

Equivalent Threat Points

Continuing with his Build a Better Threat week, Veneretio has posted on about a proposed Threat Forumla evaluation based on Equivalent Threat Points (ETP). Basically this is a method of normalizing everything based on stats that increase the items value as a threat producing item. It is loosely based on Gingamok’s Rule of Thumb: […]

Weapon Buffs for Added Threat

One easy way to increase your threat generation is by the use of [item]Adamantite Sharpening Stone[/item] for sharp weapons or [item]Adamantite Weightstone[/item] for blunt weapons. Either of these grant an extra 12 damage to weapons plus 14 to melee crit rating. In my opinion, the added damage will grant you more additional threat than using […]

Tanking lightweight mobs

TankingTips has posted a short little note on things you should and shouldn’t do when tanking mobs that hit like pansies. It is worth pointing out how Shield Block Value can be used to increase your threat generation through the use of Shield Slam, one of the best threat generating abilities warriors have at their […]